Woolies Charm Pack Three Cheers

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Introducing the Woolies Charm Pack Three Cheers! This charm pack is perfect for creating unique and adorable projects that will captivate anyone's attention. The pack contains five charms with a total of 42 pieces that are made from 100% cotton. What sets Woolies apart is its wool-like feel that is not at all itchy. Its texture is soft yet durable, making it an excellent choice for any sewing project. The designs included in this charm pack are classic, including herringbones, plaids, tweeds, and dots in a wide range of home-friendly colors. You'll love how easy it is to sew, piece, and wash, just like high-quality cotton flannel. So why not try Woolies for your next quilting or sewing project and experience the comfrey-cozy perfection for yourself!

We all know how much everyone loves the charm pack quilts, so why not try Woolies for some unique and cute projects.

5" Charms (42 pcs) 100% COTTON, Woolies has a feel like wool but is not itchy. It is made from 100% Cotton. Looks like wool. Sews, pieces and washes like quality cotton flannel. Woolies flannel is comfrey-cozy perfection with classic designs like herringbones, plaids, tweeds & dots in a rich array of home friendly colors.

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