Sweet Lambies Quilt Kit, Little Lambies Woolies Flannel

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Introducing the Sweet Lambies Quilt Kit, perfect for wrapping up your loved ones in a cozy and adorable quilt made from Little Lambies Woolies Flannel. Whether you're an experienced quilter or just starting out, this kit is sure to inspire your creativity with its soft, luxurious flannel and charming quilt pattern featuring sweet little lambs frolicking together. Make something truly special with this set, which is ideal for anyone who loves to dream and create. The Little Lambies Woolies Flannel is warm and inviting, and the accompanying quilt kit provides everything you need to transform it into a masterpiece of your own making. Don't miss out on the chance to wrap your sweethearts in the warmth and love of this beautiful kit.

Wrap up your sweethearts in the warmth of Little Lambies Woolies! 
Little Lambies Woolies Flannel and Sweet Lambies Quilt Kit are perfect for the dreamer in all of us. Whether you're a beginner or an expert quilter, this set is sure to bring out your creative side! With soft, luxurious flannel and an adorable quilt pattern featuring little lambs playing happily together, these supplies will help make any project something truly special. Create a beautiful blanket that's sure to be passed down through generations - make memories today with Little Lambies Woolies Flannel and Sweet Lambie Quilt Kit! 
  • Includes detailed full color stepbystep instructional booklet
  • Ensures success no matter how inexperienced you may be at traditional piecing or hand work

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