Solid Silky Smooth Minky Fabric

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Color: Black
Size: 1/4 yd
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Introducing the Solid Silky Smooth Minky Fabric - the ultimate fabric choice for all your crafting needs! This plush and velvety fabric is perfect to elevate your quilts, throws, and any other creative projects. Meticulously crafted to offer an incredibly soft feel along with exceptional durability, this fabric promises to add a luxurious touch to your creations. With vibrant, solid colors, you'll never run out of options! Each roll comes in an impressive width of 90 inches, providing ample fabric for all your DIY projects. Get your hands on the Solid Silky Smooth Minky Fabric today and elevate your crafts to the next level!

Discover the perfect fabric for all of your crafty needs. Our Solid Silky Smooth Minky Fabric is just the fabric you need when you're looking for something soft and durable. Its plush, velvety texture adds an extra special touch to quilts, throws, and other crafts. Not only does it feel silky smooth, but it also contains a strong durability that can last through many projects. With vibrant colors and an irresistible softness, our Solid Silky Smooth Minky Fabric is the ideal choice for any project.

Solid Colors 90” wide fabric

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