Jelly Roll Woolies Color Wash

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Introducing the Jelly Roll Woolies Color Wash - 2.5 in Strips, a luxurious and cozy fabric that feels like wool but without the itching sensation. Made from 100% Cotton, this fabric looks like wool and features classic designs such as herringbones, plaids, tweeds, and dots in a variety of rich colors perfect for any home décor project. This Woolies flannel is easy to work with, sew, and washes like quality cotton flannel, providing you with comfrey-cozy perfection every time. With the convenient pre-cut strips, you can create beautiful quilts with ease and enjoy the softness and warmth of Woolies Flannel in no time. Upgrade your sewing projects with the Jelly Roll Woolies Color Wash - 2.5 in Strips today!

2.5 in Strips. Woolies has a feel like wool but is not itchy. It is made from 100% Cotton. Looks like wool. Sews, pieces, and washes like quality cotton flannel. Woolies flannel is comfrey-cozy perfection with classic designs like herringbones, plaids, tweeds & dots in a rich array of home-friendly colors.

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